ethics complaint filed

Councilwoman Linda Gail Dennison

Blackshear city councilwoman Linda Gail Dennison is the subject of an ethics violation complaint  — the first ethics complaint filed against a Blackshear official since the board of ethics was formed last year.
Blackshear resident Wes Kutch filed the ethics complaint against Dennison for reportedly threatening two District Five residents with legal action if they signed a petition recently circulated for the recall election of Councilman Shawn Godwin. (See related story).
“She’s an embarrassment to the city,” Kutch told The Times.
Kutch says he had been considering filing an ethics complaint against Dennison for some time, after observing her recent actions on the city council. 
After learning at a council meeting last week of a report that Dennison had reportedly attempted to persuade Blackshear residents Johnny and Carol Dean not to sign the recall petition, Kutch proceeded to file his complaint.
The complaint was filed with City Clerk Jenny Grant Friday, September 11. Grant reportedly attempted to notify and serve Dennison with the complaint, but Dennison refused to pick up a copy of the complaint. 
I called her this morning and asked for her to come by and pick up the complaint (she is suppose to sign for it), and was told no,” City Clerk Jenny Grant told The Times when asked if the complaint had been served.
Grant reportedly sent a copy of the complaint to Dennison via certified mail. 
Attempts by The Times to contact Dennison for comment regarding the complaint against her were unsuccessful.
Kutch claims Dennison has “engaged in an activity or transaction that is prohibited by law which is applicable to her by virtue of being a city official.”
“Ms. Dennison has continually acted in behavior that is clearly unethical as behooves her position. In this case, she made false statements attempting to intimidate and threaten voters to sway an election,” Kutch writes in his complaint.
Another Blackshear official may also face an ethics complaint. 
The Times learned last week Councilman Shawn Godwin (District Five) reportedly intended to file an ethics complaint against fellow councilman Keith Brooks (District One) for driving petitioner Sharon Komanecky around on his golf cart while she solicited signatures for a recall election petition against Godwin. 
As of The Times’  press deadline, that complaint had not been formally filed nor had Brooks been officially notified of a complaint against him.
The complaint against Dennison will most likely be discussed at the next council meeting where council members will be tasked with determining if the complaints violate a section of the city ethics ordinance. If so, the council will refer the matters to the city’s ethics board for review. 
Reginald Taylor, Bob Knapp and Mary Lott Walker currently serve on Blackshear’s board of ethics.