qualifying dates

Ritch announced city election dates last week

Qualifying for this year’s city elections in Blackshear, Offerman and Patterson will take place in mid-August.

Leah Ritch, Supervisor of the Board of Elections, announced the qualifying dates last week.

Qualifying will take place from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday, August 16-Wednesday, August 18. Qualifying for all three cities will take place at the Board of Elections and Registration, 312 Nichols Street, Blackshear.

Municipal elections will take place Tuesday, Nov. 2. Potential candidates can qualify for office in all three cities during the qualifying period.

The mayor’s office is up for election in Blackshear and Patterson. The mayor’s seat is an at-large position open to eligible residents in both cities. Offerman’s mayor won’t be up for election again until 2023.

Blackshear Mayor Kevin Grissom is currently completing his first term. Patterson Mayor Dedi Thomas won a special election in 2016 to finish out the remainder of former Mayor George Denison’s term. Thomas was elected to a term in his own right in 2017. Qualifying fee for mayor in both cities is $144.

Three city council seats are up for a vote in Blackshear including district 2 (currently held by Dr. Corey Lesseig), district three (held by Timmy Sapp) and district four (held by Charles Broady).

The qualifying fee for city council seats is $45.

District 2 is located in the eastern part of the city. It includes the intersection of Jenkins and Pittman streets, running north along Jenkins Street, then up Church Street to Main Street. It then runs north on Main Street to Highway Avenue, then northeast along Highway Avenue along U.S. Highway 84 to the eastern city limits. The lower end of the district runs from the southeastern city limits up Main Street to College Avenue, then south to Pittman Street and then west back to Jenkins Street.

District 3 is located in the center of the city. It includes the intersection of U.S. Highway 84, Hendry, Lee and Keller Streets (Five Points) and runs north along Hendry Street to Barney Street, then west on Barney Street to Pomeroy Street before turning north to Pine Street. The boundary runs east along Pine Street to Hendry Street, then south to Strickland Avenue and then east to Gordon Street and north to its intersection with Carter Avenue. It continues east on Carter Avenue to Highway 84, then along Highway Avenue back into Main Street before running southwest along NE Central Avenue to Repparde Street and then back to Highway Avenue. The area continues to Highway 84 then southwest to the Five Points intersection.

District 4 is located in the western part of the city. It includes the far west city limit at Highway 84, then runs northwest along the city limit to Ware Street, where it continues along the western city limit to Strickland Avenue. The boundary continues along Strickland Avenue going east to Pomeroy Street, then south to Barney Street, then east to Hendry Street, before turning south into Highway 84. The southwestern border runs back along the highway to the city limit.

Two city council seats are up for election in Patterson. The qualifying fee is $36. The seats are at-large posts.

Seats currently held by Teresa Hardee Leggett and David Smith will be up for election.

Leggett is currently completing her second term on the council, while Smith was first elected in May 2013 to fill the unexpired council term of George Denison. Denison had given up the seat to run for mayor.  

Three seats will be up for election on the Offerman City Council. Qualifying fee is $25. Candidates in Offerman will qualify at city hall. The seats are at-large posts.

Seats held by Tommy Colley, Wade Gill and Candice Thorne will be up for election this year. Colley is currently completing his second term and Thorne is completing her second full term. By appointment, she filled out the time remaining on the term of her father, who died suddenly in April 2013. She was then elected to a full term in November 2013.

Gill is currently completing his first term.

The new council members will take office in January, 2022.

Voter status can be checked at the Pierce County Board of Elections and Registration Office at the Courthouse Annex on Nichols Street.