County Farm, 84 light

An aerial shot of the County Farm Road and Hwy. 84 intersection shows steady traffic on both routes. Approximately 300 feet of County Farm’s approach to the highway will be closed this month.

Road closure on County Farm is slated June 24 - August 6 for construction of four traffic signals at the Hwy. 84 intersection

Installation of a long-awaited traffic signal at the intersection of County Farm Road and Hwy. 84 will begin Monday.

The Dept. of Transportation announced last week approximately 300 feet of County Farm Road approaching Hwy. 84 will be closed Monday, June 24  until Tuesday, August 6, for the light construction.  DOT will reopen the road temporarily over the Independence Day holiday weekend, July 3-8.

“We are looking to have this completed by the first of August, before school starts again. That is our goal,” says Jill Nagel, DOT communications director.  “We’re trying to make it as safe and as efficient as possible at this interchange for school traffic, and also accommodating to commuters on (Hwy. 84) in the mornings.”

Drivers traveling south of Pierce County High School should take a detour on Knox Road to West Road to avoid the closure while motorists driving north of Pierce County High School should travel New School Road or Hwy. 121.

United Market, located at the intersection of County Farm Road and Hwy. 84, will remain open and accessible during construction.

DOT will construct four signals at the intersection including:

• Continuous green arrows for both lanes of travel on Hwy. 84 east (towards Patterson)

• Left turn signal from Hwy. 84 east onto County Farm Road

• Two signals on Hwy. 84 west (towards Blackshear)

The intersection will also feature a deceleration, right turn lane from Hwy. 84 west onto County Farm Road.  

“You’ll have your own designated lane there to turn onto County Farm Road,” Nagel says.

Drivers will no longer be able to turn left from County Farm Road onto Hwy. 84. Construction includes a concrete median restricting left-turning traffic and delineators (white posts with reflectors) along the highway to prohibit left turns.

“They (delineators) will be running the length of that intersection,” Nagel adds.

Grass medians near the old United Market building will be replaced with asphalt/concrete islands, and a pedestrian crossing with signals and signs will be installed on County Farm, too.