clean up days

County will supervise twice monthly service at Pierce convenience center

County clean up days will continue, but with new rules and will be limited to just one site – the county’s convenience center.

The changes come after the county’s first clean-up day at Otter Creek Fire Station July 6-7 turned into a dumping disaster.

Both containers brought in for the first monthly clean up day Saturday, July 6, were filled to capacity and illegal dumping occurred on the property of Otter Creek Fire Station.

Trash and waste was reportedly imported from other counties as well.

County Manager Jason Rubenbauer says the county has scrapped plans to rotate the clean up day to various locations in the county’s four districts each month, but will still hold a clean up day twice monthly.

The new clean up day schedule will see the county’s convenience center  re-open and new rules and guidelines put in place.

“We will have the convenience center open on New School Road between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. each first and third Saturday for the clean up days,” he said.

The clean up days will be supervised, and all residents entering the convenience center will be required to have an ID showing they are Pierce County residents.

No bulky items or construction materials will be accepted at the convenience center, Rubenbauer adds.

Once containers reach maximum capacity at the convenience center on the clean up days, the convenience center will close for the day.

Bulky items and construction material debris can be taken to the Waycross Transfer Station on Harris Road in Waycross or the Broadhurst Environmental Landfill on Broadhurst Road near Screven during their normal operating hours, Rubenbauer says.

Residents who are customers of Republic Services may also call Republic at (912) 280-3022, at least a week in advance, to have bulky items picked up.

The clean up day program was added as part of a new one year deal the county approved with Republic Services for waste pick-up.