Your Help is Needed

Have you seen James Walker?

Ventura County, CA, detectives are seeking the help of Pierce Countians in closing an almost two decades old missing persons case there.

“We are trying to wrap up the case here,” said Detective Aaron Grass of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO). “VCSO is trying to see if there’s anyone (in Pierce County) who might have heard from him after he was reported missing (in California).

The missing persons report was originally filed in Casitas Springs, CA, at 12:40 p.m. Saturday, November 3, 2001. Ventura County is located northwest of Los Angeles, CA.

Walker’s wife, Malinda Jacobs Walker, reported him missing to authorities that day.

The couple, along with their two sons, had reportedly moved to Ventura County, CA from Blackshear in October, 2001.

Malinda Walker told officers her husband was missing and was suicidal. She said he had walked away with a revolver into some nearby woods and had not been seen since. She said her husband had been upset about financial problems and not being able to find work.

“The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has been unable to locate Malinda or James and believes they may have returned to Georgia,” said Detective Grass.

Anyone with information about the Walker family is asked to contact Detective Grass at (805) 384-4726.