cash seizure

Nearly $200K was recovered in drug, murder investigation

Local law enforcement agencies may soon be buying new equipment and supplies with funds seized during a multi-agency drug and murder investigation here last October.  

A settlement was reached last week regarding approximately $200,000 seized at a residence on Fawn Lane (off Church Street) when a search warrant was executed here October 17 in connection with the murder of 24-year-old Sabron Markez Mosby in Alma a few days earlier. The funds  — reportedly payment for illegal drugs  — marked the largest cash seizure Blackshear Police Department has ever recovered in a state investigation.

Cleavanta “Fatback” Jerrideau was one of several individuals later arrested in connection with Mosby’s death, and he was presumed to be living at the Fawn Lane residence.  

According to the settlement distribution order, $49,518 will be returned to Jerrideau. The remaining $148,556 will be divided as follows:

• $66,753 to the Blackshear Police Department

• $66,753 to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

• $14,834 to the District Attorney of the Waycross Judicial Circuit

• $215 is allocated for court and publication costs

Blackshear PD and PCSO have an agreement to split evenly any funds seized during a state investigation. The District Attorney’s office also gets 10 percent.

The funds are restricted for specific purposes, but can be used to buy equipment and further local investigative efforts. There is no timeline on when law enforcement agencies have to spend funds seized in a state investigation. Federally seized funds must be spent within two years.

Police Chief Chris Wright says BPD will use the funds to further local drug investigations, but has no specific expenditures in mind right now.

Sheriff Ramsey Bennett said the sheriff’s office is still considering uses for the money.

He declined additional comment.