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Timmy Sapp

Councilman Sapp, arrested for disorderly conduct in May, could face additional charges

What appeared to only be a disorderly conduct charge against Blackshear City Council member Timmy Sapp last month has now been referred to District Attorney George Barnhill for possible further investigation.

Sapp was arrested last month after officers responded to two calls at his Strickland Ave. home, from family members supposedly claiming Sapp was drunk and disorderly. Sapp reportedly threw a liquor bottle through a window of the residence prior to his arrest.

In a letter to Barnhill, dated Monday, June 10, Police Chief Chris Wright says Sapp was “extremely intoxicated” when the incident occurred. For that reason, BPD did not also charge Sapp with attempted bribery in connection with the case.

A copy of the official investigative file alleges Sapp called BPD Major Robby Boatright, claiming to have $1,200 in his pocket, and asked if anything could be done to “make this go away.”

The Times obtained Boatright’s statement regarding his conversation with Sapp Monday.

“While not a defense, we have declined to bring bribery and criminal attempt charges in similar cases due to high levels of intoxication,” Wright says in the letter. “We understand people may say things they don’t mean when they are intoxicated.”

In the weeks since the incident, however, Sapp has reportedly claimed his actions on the night of the incident may have been related to a medical condition.

Wright says the records he’s been shown can’t support that defense.

“The medical records provided to me in this case do not appear to reflect the diagnosis I was informed existed,” Wright continues.

Those medical records are, by state law, not subject to an open records request and were not included in documents provided to The Times

According to the letter, Wright has turned over the entire BPD file on the matter to Barnhill’s office because of this potential conflict between the medical records he possesses which are reportedly in conflict with Sapp’s more recent claims of a medical condition, not being drunk, causing his behavior that night.

The Times has learned, by way of an open records request, that the case file – including all reports, supplemental statements, videos and recordings, and medical records – was forwarded to the district attorney’s office Monday.

When asked for comment Monday evening, Sapp says he was unaware the case had been turned over to the DA’s office and that he would let his attorney handle the matter.

Sapp, who has served nine years representing District 3 on the Blackshear City Council, reportedly told officers he would “have Chris’ job” if he were to be arrested. Officers reportedly told Sapp that Wright had been informed of the circumstances and had instructed officers to handle the matter as they saw fit.

Video footage from an officer’s body camera at the scene of the incident recording officers’ interaction with Sapp was released to The Times.

In the footage Sapp can be seen saying, “If I go to jail tonight, tomorrow it’s going to be ugly.”

After his arrest, Sapp says, “At 5:01 I’m out and it’s going to be hell to pay.”