Business spotlight

Have you ever wondered how a local business got started, who owns it or how long it’s been open here?

Readers of The Blackshear Times may soon have those answers, thanks to the Better Hometown/Main Street program.

BHT is launching a monthly business spotlight feature this week in The Times. The feature will tell the story of a different local business and its owner each month, as well as an overview of what services or goods they provide. See Page 8 to read about Brandon LaFountain and the Black Shear Barbershop.

“We thought it important to tell the back story of our local entrepreneurs  — where they came from, why they do what they do, and why they love it. Blackshear has some incredible business people who took a chance, rolled the dice and it paid off,” says Bethany Strickland, BHT manager. “Our community needs and deserves to know these stories of business owners who help make our local economy flourish.”

The business spotlight aligns with Better Hometown’s mission statement, Strickland adds.

“Our mission is to ensure all of our historic buildings house successful businesses,” Strickland explains. “It’s important to educate Pierce County residents on the value of our community’s downtown heritage. In doing so, we hope to create an enduring passion for preservation and development.”

BHT board members also hope the feature will further boost the local economy and help hometown businesses thrive  — maybe even inspire someone else to launch a new business here.

 “Owning a small business is not always easy,” Strickland says. “The insight, encouragement, and knowledge these folks bring to the table is invaluable. In spotlighting them, we hope to encourage more people to take a leap of faith, create the product, perfect the process.”

And, the spotlight is a way to “give back” to the folks who invest so much in the community.

“They sponsor a recreation soccer team, donate door prizes for the elementary school and feed a sports team,” Strickland points out.