Answers by Faith, a ministry to Haiti headquartered in Patterson, is currently seeking support, prayers and assistance for the mission.

The leader of the mission, Gordon Ross, gave an update recently on Answers by Faith’s work in Haiti.

The two-story, bright yellow building with blue trim on U.S. Highway 84 just outside of Patterson operates as the nonprofit’s headquarters.

The facility itself is used as a location for fellowship and is rented out with revenues from bookings going back into the ministry.

The ministry is led by a group of volunteers. There is no paid staff.

Ross has taken dozens of trips to Haiti since 2013.  He has helped to establish a mission station in one of the country’s poorest areas and sharing the Gospel with the villagers of Massaide.

“Passion comes from our compassion. We are very blessed in America. Haiti is very, very poor. It really is a good place to show compassion,” said Ross.

The Answers by Faith Ministry in Massaide currently includes a mission station, church, school (with 240 students), a guest house, “Zooti Sham” a building for tools and supplies called a “zooti sham” in the native language, a kitchen and small dining room, a pastor’s house (currently 60% complete), an additional rustic kitchen (for three ladies to cook one meal each day for 240 children) a two-story school (bldg with 10 classrooms and an administrators office).

The ministry is now constructing a new church building (to hold 450 people). Plans call for construction of a clinic/library building. So far, a donation of $9,000 has been committed to the project, which is about 25% of the total construction cost estimate.

“(A)s you can see, we are about the work of the Lord with what He provides through people with compassion,” he said. “We remind you that we are all volunteers. We receive no compensation. When people give, 100% goes to the mission station. Currently it is the only ministry we are involved in.”

Answers by Faith’s current budget is $30,000 with a goal of $40,000 for next year.

“No projects are done without the $40,000 being raised,” said Ross.

Ross says that the ministry’s website,, gives a listing of items accomplished since the ministry began in 2013.

“We want you to know where your gift goes, and what’s being done,” he said.

He noted that a recent report shows that 24 recent salvations were recorded and a baptism service is being scheduled.

For more information or to donate, contact Answers by Faith at 281-2184 or by mailing donations to 6679 U.S. Highway 84, Patterson, GA 31557.